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What is the best kids microscope to buy for my child?

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Kids Microscopes Enable Learning While Having Fun

A kids microscope, also known as a toy microscope, is called so because of the simplicity in design and functional limitations. However, it is a microscope nevertheless. It performs the same functions as a microscope i.e. to magnify images of any given object. The only difference is that a childrens microscope does not have the magnifying capabilities or the high resolution found in more expensive compound and stereo microscopes. The lenses and optics used in these microscopes is not as fine or sophisticated as that of clinical microscopes. For this reason, these microscopes do not cost as much.

A childrens microscope uses the same principles of optics used in more sophisticated microscopes. So it is an excellent tool for learning. Students getting into the peak of their formative years should be given the chance to explore the finer details of science and the world around us. Kid’s microscopes are available with a magnification of up to 400x depending on the type you buy. Purchasing a microscope for your child will aid more explorations. This is indeed, a brilliant way to help kids quench their thirst for knowledge.

Kids microscopes are not just about learning. It is an excellent source of fun too for children. It gives them a chance to view objects beyond the limitations of a naked eye which is quite fascinating. This also instils in them love for science and learning. Kids often find the practical approach to learning much more meaningful. This is exactly what a toy microscope offers.

The main function of a kids microscope is to facilitate the kids cognitive development. And what’s more? It’s a great education toy to possess. It allows kids to let their imaginations run wild as they discover the various layers existing in the world. It gives them the knowledge that life exists at levels that may not be visible to us. This makes them more compassionate towards living beings and also boosts their respect and reverence for science and biology.

There is no limit to the kinds of specimens kids can observe with these microscopes. These microscopes have the appearance of professional microscopes giving kids a more fun learning experience. A kids microscope also makes a great gift.

Choose for our extensive range of Childrens Microscopes:


The Dino-Lite Basic AM2111 is an easy to use digital microscope that will stimulate interest and excitement for education and microscopy enthusiasts with magnification from 20x up to 200x depending of working distance. It allows the user to conveniently share observations under the microscope and also record them directly on a computer using friendly software for Windows or Macintosh operating systems.


The My First Lab Duo-Scope microscope comes complete with an expanded accessory kit that allows you to begin exploring the world of small things. The special duo-scope design allows you to view both highly-magnified transparent microscope slides and solid objects. The key to this dual-viewing functionality is an LED illumination system that can either provide bottom lighting for slides or top lighting for solid specimens. The result is hours of discovery and fun for your kids.


Our entry level Optico N400M student microscope is suitable for children ages 11+. It is a basic microscope with all metal construction, 3 achromatic glass objective lenses with a magnification range of 40x – 400x with the basic features for educational use in primary and high school.


ALL METAL CONSTRUCTION dual light high power compound microscope with top & bottom LED lights enabling viewing of both translucent biological samples, and low magnification (4x and 10x objective) viewing of solid objects such as insects, flowers, coins and household specimens. Features a built in rechargeable battery and AC power adaptor for use both inside and outside, provides up to 15 hours use from a single charge.

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